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Merge proven science, profound age-old practices and FUN to make healthier choices, deepen relationships and love life fully...


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Raise Your Daily Experience of Life to New Highs!

Deeper Calm

 Discover how to take the “tense” out of the present tense

Grounded Power  

Create your daily life with greater ease and love

Profound Joy

Access palpable delight through scientifically-proven exercises

With “Give Yourself a Raise!”, You Discover How To...

  • Breathe into a grounded presence of Source consciousness
  • Utilize the self-healing powers of inner smiling
  • Take years off your facial appearance through a scientifically-validated exercise
  • Leverage neuroplasticity and epigenetics that frees yourself from the past
  • Create your own personal vow that empowers your soul direction
  • Relate to money as a currency of higher abundance consciousness
  • Radiate love in more moments. Period. Exclamation points!!!

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Proven Science

Tools only work when they’re used. When you understand the powerful bioscience behind everyday functions such as breathing, sound and movement, your mind will be a more active collaborator in doing these practices consciously.

Age-old Wisdom

Certain mind- and heart-opening exercises have been practiced for millennia… because they work! You will learn various practices from different cultures/eras to create your own unique toolset.

Experiential Grounding

Experience IS the new faith!  You will know the truth for yourself when you apply the science and practices regularly.  Neuroplasticity, epigenetics and your heartfelt desire make a powerful combo!

Wisdom up the

  • 5+ Hours Pre-recorded Video Lessons

  • 8 Hours of Pre-Recorded Live Classes 

  • 27 “Real Life” Grounding Exercises 
  • Downloadable MP3 meditation and relaxation files

  • Exclusive Interviews with our Brain Trust experts

  • “100 Smiles Per Hour!” + other Original Videos

Course Outline

Hail the Inhale and Exhale!

We begin with breathing because that’s where our life begins and ends. Yet, so few of us totally appreciate the impact each breath has on how we feel, the decisions we make and how we interpret the world.

Facial Re-Cognition!

In every instant, our facial expressions telegraph how we’re feeling to others while simultaneously creating and informing how we feel.

Sound Advice!

The big bang that created our universe, probably had a BIG sound. Sound is so powerful that it can be felt as well as heard. In fact, 40% of verbal communication is based on tone while less than 10% is determined by words.

Solar Em-Power!

We would be toast without the sun… or frozen dust! In addition to it being our life source, the sun can be one of our greatest healers... and teachers.

Youth Movements!

Movement is central to all of life. Even as we mature, we can access a timeless state of vitality, youthfulness and freedom through movement.  And we can have FUN in the process!

The Power of Vow!

Every word we speak creates our reality. This magical and timeless wisdom is acknowledged in the term “abra cadabra” - derived from an Aramaic phrase which literally means, “I create as I speak.”

New Release on Life!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Subtracting a negative is a positive. Letting go is a step in the light direction.


Self-love is the foundation of all love. Of all the myriad life forms in existence, we got lucky to be in this one! When we love, the ordinary becomes extra-ordinary!

BONUS!: Right on the Money!

The 4 phrases on the back of One Dollar Bill are the instructions on how to best use it… and how to give yourself a raise in every way!

"What a true delight and joy to watch the replay of your webinar. I found it genuinely transformative, impactful, entertaining and enJOYable."

Will Pye
Spiritual Teacher, Author of “Blessed with a Brain Tumor”

"As a practicing psychotherapist and a graduate teacher in a transpersonal counseling program, I do my best to help people release trauma and live a happy life. "Give Yourself a Raise!" is a course that offers so many effective, easy-to-use practical tools for your happiness. And Stu presents the content in such an engaging and loving way... making the process of transformation fun and delightful!" "

Fran Wickner

"Just the first 3 suggestions you made will change my life for the better. I've struggled with loving myself for most of my life, and after the 3 exercises...I can just be happy with myself!"

Francesca T.

" Give Yourself a Raise! offers simple and healthy practices from which everyone can benefit. It is well worth your time and money."

Bill Manahan MD

Give Yourself a Raise!... Now!!!

It’s time! Invest in yourself! Risk-free Money Back Guarantee! You have nothing to lose except some old habits that don't serve you. Invite all your friends and family! They deserve a raise, too!


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