Give Yourself a Raise!

Tuesday, December 18 - Release the Past

Thursday, December 20 - Recalibrate the Present

1PM EST, 10AM PST (replays available)


Join us for this practical two-part free webinar series that helps you release the past to create a more beautiful present and future!  And invite your friends and loved ones! They deserve a raise, too! 




Give Yourself a Raise! is designed to empower you to make more nourishing decisions, create your life with greater ease and uplift the people you encounter to greater happiness! 


Raise Your Daily Experience of Life to New Highs!

Deeper Calm

 Discover how to take the “tense” out of the present tense

Grounded Power  

Create your daily life with greater ease and love

Profound Joy 

Access palpable delight through scientifically-proven exercises

Meet Stu

As Only the Source creator, writer, talent and CEO (Chief Emanation Officer), Stu wears many hats on his shaven head.  A reformed hedge fund manager, he has focused on wealth beyond money since 2001; his conscious media endeavors include co-authoring Inner Security and Infinite Wealth, hosting the nationally-syndicated Inside Wealth radio program and co-hosting the W.A.V.E. award-winning “Get Conscious Now!” television program.  He has interviewed such luminaries as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Bruce Lipton, HOF Baseball Mgr. Tony La Russa, Byron Katie, George Zimmer (CEO of Men’s Wearhouse), Venture Capitalist Roger McNamee, to name a few.

His unique blend of loving presence and interest in science combined with his natural wit and light-hearted nature makes one think of the Dalai Lama, Albert Einstein and George Carlin all rolled into one… or so he likes to think.


Give Yourself a Raise!

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